Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Guest Post : Chocolate Lace Technique by Ish

If you were at our May cakeup or saw the photos from that event, you would've also seen a particularly impressive looking cake with an intricate chocolate lace border around the length of the cake. At the event and after the event we had so many people wowed by this technique and wanting to know how it's done. So we thought we'd go straight to the source.

Some of you may be already familiar with the lady who created this masterpiece. Ish, has already done a guest post for us once where she shared with us her love for cake decorating and showed us some of her wonderful creations. So this time around Ish has been kind enough to share her chocolate lace technique with us via a video tutorial. She makes it look so easy but I think we can all agree that she is one talented cake decorater! 

On the topic of sharing her skills, Ish is considering running cake decorating workshops in the near future in collaboration with us. If that sounds like something you might be interested in taking part in either comment here or send us an email ( letting us know that you are interested and also if there are any particular skills or techniques you would like to learn. We will be in touch with more details in the near future so watch this space...

But for now, over to Ish...

Don’t you love it when you do something so simple yet it looks so complicated? Well, chocolate lace is one of those things.

I know it looks very intricate, but I promise, it isn’t as hard as it looks. If you’re not an expert at getting buttercream perfectly smooth, this is perfect. It can honestly transform the most average looking cake into a masterpiece. This is what you will need:

Melted chocolate (I use Cadbury dark chocolate chips, melted over a double boiler)
Piping bag fitted with a small round nozzle
Baking paper

Rather than explaining how to do it, here’s my short video tutorial showing you how…


  1. Wow! Ish makes this look all too easy, what a talented decorator she is.
    Decorating is definitely not a skill I have and would love to attend a hands on workshop with Ish to learn some of her secrets.
    I'd love to learn the chocolate lace, basics of fondant and how to get a lovely smooth buttercream. Oh and piping! I suck at piping.

    Great post ladies :-)

    1. Ish is a little machine! :)

      Great to know you are interested in a workshop Amy. The things you've mentioned are things I'd like to learn properly too. I'm terrible at the basics like getting a smooth butter cream and piping!

      We'll definitely get cracking with organising this! :)