The CCC Committee

The Canberra Cake Club was born one night in December 2013 and it's founders/organisers/doers couldn't be happier.

Giulia and Rachi are friends first, food bloggers second and cake club organisers third. 

If you receive an email inviting you to guest post on our blog or if you follow us on our Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter pages, Giulia is the social-media guru. She writes the blog Love at Every Bite and loves all sorts of DIY foodie projects. 

If you are a venue, it is most likely you have been in contact with Rachi, networking extraordinaire, keen food photographer who contributes to the CCC blog, self-confessed bon vivant and the author of the blog Le Bon Vivant.

It has been a lot of fun so far for us - we hope you find Canberra Cake Club enjoyable too! 

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  1. Wonderful initiative ladies! And who wouldn't be smiling, we all love cake! xox