About Us

The Canberra Cake Club enables like-minded people to get together and share cake and recipes in a friendly atmosphere. “Cakeups” are our regular, six weekly get-togethers and will be hosted at a place of business, such as a cafe, restaurant, bar or shop. 

“Cake” does, indeed, refer to cake but the definition can also be expanded to include sweet baked goods (for example cupcakes, tarts, muffins, friands, macarons, slices etc) and is one of life’s fundamentally delicious pleasures.

Often, for those of us who bake, the pleasure of experimenting and baking is negated by having to eat all of our creations – unwanted extra calories and all. The Canberra Cake Club means that many can share in baking successes and, hopefully, new friends can be made at the same time!

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