Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Guest Post: Bec from Sweet Tea

If you have had the chance to meet Bec, you will know she is the sweetest person ever - and is the most suited person to start up a high tea hire business called Sweet Tea. We were lucky enough to have her come along to our March Cake Up and offer our bakers the opportunity to display their tasty creations on some beautiful Sweet Tea crockery. Bec did an amazing job of decorating our venue, with some gorgeous silky tablecloths, cake stands of all colours and sizes and some beautiful flowers. You would have already had a glimpse of how pretty our March Cakeup looked, and today you'll have a chance to hear from Bec herself! Thanks again to Bec and Sweet Tea for coming along, your props were certainly a much appreciated addition!

My first love is my family, closely followed by a deliciously cosy cup of tea and then scrumptious cakes of all sorts would be a very tight third. If I am able to sample each of these most days life is good!!!

In creating my perfect world family and tea are an easy daily interaction. Waking to the dogs scratching at the door to be let in and fed, a gurgling baby waiting, not very patiently, to be freed from his cot and a husband who is way too happy in the morning trying to cox me into an quick morning run. I’m ashamed to admit that the lovely pot of brewing tea often wins over the not always appealing early morning exercise ;)

I have always been a tea person, though coffee has definitely creeped in since having a baby. Starting Sweet Tea, a high tea hire business, has allowed me to share my love for tea by offering anyone and everyone the opportunity to host a high tea in the comfort of their home or chosen venue. From weddings to baby showers to corporate events or even Canberra Cake Ups, Sweet Tea will add a touch of timeless pleasure to any occasion. That’s my one and only shameless plug I promise. 

Being a lover of tea it is only sensible that I also looove cake, which is not always accessible but constantly craved. I am a keen baker, bowl licker and taste tester, and am often inspired by the mouth-watering images posted on Instagram and Facebook. On one particular Instagram trawling session, I hit the jackpot when I came across the Canberra Cake Club. Having a reputation of all things delicious, I had heard of these increasingly popular Cake Ups and was intrigued. I also wondered what would happen if you added Sweet Tea to a Cake Up, something brilliant of course!

When Rachi and Giulia, from the Canberra Cake Club invited me and my Sweet Tea crockery to their March Cake Up I was more than enthusiastic. Not only was the March Cake Up set in the charming Mint Garden Bar, the theme for the Month was cocktail inspired and the cakes were certain to be wonderfully creative and awesomely YUM. 

After a morning of Cake Up prep, ensue empty stomach, I arrived early to set up my Sweet Tea settings. It was not long after that the Cake Up cooks started to stream in closely followed by the lucky Cake Up eaters and their prised cake forks. Within no time at all the once empty tiered and pedestal stands were brimming with delectable treats and following a lovely welcome by Rachi and Giulia, the cue to eat was given. 

Being a Cake Up virgin I may have gone out to hard to fast, inhaling a luscious espresso martini, devouring a fruit tingle cup cake, then slowing down considerably for a slice of amaretto sour cake, on which having the final bite I needed a rest. However there were so many more cakes to try and the fact that my eyes are considerably larger than my stomach this short break did not last long.

My first Cake Up experience was one of complete bliss, all in all a great afternoon spent talking about cake, eating cake and finally dreaming about cake. I met some great fellow cake lovers, got some must try recipes and finished the day deliriously high on sugar.

Note to self for next time, bring Tupperware for a doggy bag. This way you don’t have to roll out of the venue, instead opting to continue your Cake Up experience at home with a lovely cup of tea.

My three loves in life are now covered, at least hopefully on a monthly basis, hint hint!!!

Thanks Rachi and Giulia for having me, I had a great time and I hope you enjoyed the addition of Sweet Tea. 

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