Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Changes are Coming!

Dear Cake Clubbers,

Firstly we would like to thank you for your ongoing support and enthusiasm towards Canberra Cake club. Popularity of Canberra Cake Club is growing and with that comes the need to make changes to how we run things.

Our monthly cakeups have been running since the start of the year as free events. Whilst we have loved bringing you these free events, organising them takes a lot of time, effort and connections from our side to find and convince venues to host 30+ people for free on a busy weekend; a task that involves the business to either close their venue for paying customers or open specially for us on a day that they wouldn't normally be open.

The free events have been immensely popular and if you've snapped up a ticket to a cakeup in the past or have tried to get one, you would know that these 30 tickets tend to sell out within minutes of being released. Unfortunately lately we have had a lot of people deciding to not turn up last minute despite snapping up multiple tickets. We understand that things do come up last minute but from our side these no shows mean the following:

1. Others who really wanted to attend the event miss out leading to disgruntled cake lovers.

2. We promise the venue a certain number of attendees and a certain number of drink sales based on those numbers. Last minute no shows means that the venue misses out on valuable business that they either have to cop on the chin or us organisers have to make up the difference out of our own pockets. As you can imagine, neither of these scenarios are fair on either the hosting venue or us.

Hence it has come to a point where we can no longer make these events free. Going forward, a baker spot will be ticketed at $7 and a guest spot a $10. The cost of the ticket is non refundable however, if you purchase a ticket but no longer able to attend you are free to pass your ticket on to someone else by advertising on our Facebook page but we are not responsible for negotiating transactions.

We hope you will appreciate that $7-$10 per person is a small sum provided you are attending an event where you can eat as much cake as possible and take home as much cake as possible. Considering one slice of cake at a cafe would cost $5 and up, we know that you will see the value in this.

In addition, having this small charge per ticket means only those who are fully committed to attending would be buying tickets and would deter those who snap up tickets "just in case I happen to be free that day".

And most importantly, the cost will go towards paying venues the full agreed amount which wouldn't be affected by last minute no shows and will also go towards covering our incidentals.

We hope you understand the need for the changes and we hope to see you at a future cakeup!

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