Thursday, 5 June 2014

June Cakeup : Gluten-free

When Chrissie, the lovely owner of V Spot Cafe in Civic, contacted us with an offer to host a cakeup we were very excited as we saw this as the perfect venue to run an event catered towards those with special dietary needs. After going through many ideas for a theme from raw to vegan to paleo, we decided on gluten-free as our theme.

What we didn't anticipate was how popular this theme would be! All our event tickets got snapped up in under five minutes and our bakers really impressed us with the incredibly delicious creations that they came up with.

V Spot Cafe was the perfect venue for our event; cosy, intimate and centrally located. We are very grateful for Chrissie's hospitality and enthusiasm to host Canberra Cake club.

Bec from Sweet Tea once again provided us with beautiful cake stands, plates and cutlery as well as set up the cake buffet with fresh flowers. Thank you Bec for your time as well as your beautiful vintage items.

We were thrilled to have the talented couple behind Avon Dissanayake Photography at the event to take the beautiful photos that you are about to see. We are extremely grateful to Avon and Imalka for being such a pleasure to work with, being wonderfully professional and for their generosity with their time and skills.

And as always, a big thank you to all our bakers and guests! Let the photos do the talking...


Our fifth cakeup was a wonderful success and as always, a very big thank you goes to all our creative bakers and enthusiastic guests for making the event what it was.

Special thanks to

V Spot Cafe for hosting us

Sweet Tea for providing cake stands, plates and cutlery

Avon & Imalka of Sparkling Weddings for event photography

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