Friday, 28 February 2014

February Cakeup : Secret Ingredient

For our February Cakeup we were thrilled that our favourite one stop foodie shop The Essential Ingredient in Kingston, hosted us. Because the lovely team at The Essential Ingredient were so enthusiastic about the Cakeup we asked if they would like to come up with the theme. And didn't they come up with the perfect theme: secret ingredient!

We were thoroughly spoiled by The Essential Ingredient on the day. They greeted all the bakers and guests with champagne on arrival. There was a guessing game where the person who managed to identify the most number of secret ingredients got a fantastic prize, courtesy of The Essential Ingredient. And if that wasn't enough, all bakers and guests were offered 15% off everything in store. What more do you need on a Sunday afternoon; champagne, cake, great company and shopping! Thank you to The Essential Ingredient for your generosity!

Now, on to the creations... There was a mind boggling array of secret ingredients used by our very clever bakers; everything from mashed potato, beetroot, rum, mascarpone and even bacon!

Let the photos do the talking....

The CCC committee is obviously very chuffed to be there... or on a sugar high.... on both!

We LOVE The Essential Ingredient!

We were so amazed to see this gorgeous cake by Katina; not only did she bake this cake according to the theme of the cakeup (secret ingredient: potato) she also incorporated the Canberra Cake Club logo and exact colours on to her creation! Thanks Katina, you are a champ!
Catherine's Death by Chocolate Cake. Secret Ingredient: Stout beer
Happy guests
Amy's Chocolate Cake masterpiece. Secret Ingredient: Guinness

Look at the perfection in those layers!
More of our smiling guests: Zoe, Megan, Tara and Greg
Greg's Chocolate Cake. Secret Ingredient: Mashed potato
Lauren's Wholemeal Spelt Mud Cake. Secret Ingredient: Banana
More happy guests: Nikini and Andrew
Nikini's Pistachio and Lime Cupcakes. Secret Ingredient: Greek yoghurt.
Andrew's Lollybag Macarons. Secret Ingredient: Lollies
Dig in!
The Essential Ingredient family
Laurin's Boozy Autumn Cake. Secret Ingredient: Bacon (yup, that's right, bacon!)
Look closely and you might just spot bits of bacon amongst all those pretty layers!
Anything your cooking hearts desire, The Essential Ingredient has it!
Shopping for baking items while eating baked goods!
Giulia's Chocolate Salami. Secret Ingredient: Rum.
Kara's Gingerbread Cake. Secret Ingredient: Stout beer
So many beautiful things at The Essential Ingredient.
More happy guests: Esther and Kara
Mel's Cake. Secret Ingredient: Ginger
Our lovely hosts
Alex's Sticky Chocolate Cake. Secret ingredient(s): Golden syrup and Cardamon
And the winner takes all! Alex was the winner of the "Guess the secret ingredient" game and she got a lovely bundle of goodies from the our very generous hosts
A MASSIVE thank you to the team at The Essential Ingredient for hosting us! The CCC committee has just about finalised the details of the March Cakeup. So watch this space...

It was another resounding success and we couldn't have done it without out hosts, our amazing bakers, guests and our photographer.

Special thanks to
The Essential Ingredient Canberra for hosting this month's Cakeup

Richard Tuffin from AtRT Photos for covering the event

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